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brake issue

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ok guys i have an 06 xe and i have the brake judder issue goin on.. i called the dealer were i bought it and they said all they could do is mike the rotors and if need be, replace them... thats all. so i called another dealer close to were i live and he said that the brake fix only applys to 04 and 05 models... he said he hasnt even heard or seen any 06 or up titans with the judder problem!! he also said that nissan went to the bigger rotors and stuff at the end of 05.. so there shouldnt be a problem... any thoughts???:confused:
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There is a TSB on the pads!

I would work it thru that angle.

They have to repair/replace your rotors if they are damaged.
There is a TSB for the pads, so check into that. I brought mine to the dealer 2 weeks ago for the wire harness recall and I had them look at the front brakes since I was getting a slight vibration when stopping. Rotors had a little bit of runout on them, so the dealer cut the rotors and replaced front pads. Total cost for the visit: $ 0 Thanks, Porter Nissan!
Thanks for the info. ill do the same......
Dont feel bad, I have had all 4 rotors, pads, and calipers replaced twice now.... 14,000 miles on the truck... no towing or hard braking... First time was a catastrophic brake failure, then warped rotors, cracked pads, now i noticed brake fluid leaking out of the right rear brake line..... not to mention the other 7k worth of warranty work allready done, God I own a lemon..

And tell you dealer that I had all of these problems on my 06 LE with 14k on it they can look up my truck at Mossy Oceanside. lol
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