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Brake light comes on dash, folowed by VDC off and SLIP...

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Brake light comes on dash, folowed by VDC off and SLIP...this happens when I am applying the brakes. If I stop and turn her off then turn it back on it usually turns off. It seems that it has happened more this fall and winter...this is my first time owning a Titan and sure do love her...anyway, can not really tell any issues with the performance, however, I sure am not comfortable with those lights coming on.

Brake fluid is checked...
Parking brake is not on...
seems to do it way more often if it is cold or when first started...
can stop and restart the truck and the lights usually (90%) turn off and stay off...


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Take it to the dealer. There is a TSB for a reflash of the ABS computer that solves this problem. Same thing happened to me, had it done, as it is as good as new!:hat:
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