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Brake light coming on, brakes spongy and surging

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I have already been to the dealer to have the rotors changed and brakes replaced while in warranty. Now I am having a problem with the brakes surging and the brake light coming on. When I turn off the key and turn it back on everything resets itself, the light goes off and the brakes quit surging. I took it in once and they could find nothing wrong. It has done it 3 times in the last few weeks and it getting to be a concern. I have about 56,000 miles on it now. Anyone else found an answer to this. I have two friends who have the titans and are having the same thing happen occasionally. Is this a recall item?
I have a 2004 titan crew cab.
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this sounds worse then the resevoir being low... maybe you need a new master cylinder? or the lines may be tweeked somewhere... either way, this doesn't sound safe for you at all... take it back, drop it off, go to the general sales manager (bypass the service manager) and give him the keys, "fix this [email protected] thing or give me a new SAFE truck!" Safety is your biggest factor here, if you end up in a collision, it is their fault for being ignorant and not doing a thorough diagnostic and repair...
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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