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Brake light coming on, brakes spongy and surging

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I have already been to the dealer to have the rotors changed and brakes replaced while in warranty. Now I am having a problem with the brakes surging and the brake light coming on. When I turn off the key and turn it back on everything resets itself, the light goes off and the brakes quit surging. I took it in once and they could find nothing wrong. It has done it 3 times in the last few weeks and it getting to be a concern. I have about 56,000 miles on it now. Anyone else found an answer to this. I have two friends who have the titans and are having the same thing happen occasionally. Is this a recall item?
I have a 2004 titan crew cab.
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This has all the classic symptoms of the ABS system being out of balance. The shop did not do the correct procedure for bleeding the brakes when they did replacements. You had an incompetent parts-changer in there doing the replacement without doing the entire procedure. The procedure that is in the service manual!

When the truck is started, the ABS resets itself, using the pressures in the line as the brakes are released. If the balance is screwed up, you're going to get a light, because one of the circuits is too far out of balance with the others. That's the reason you're having so much trouble getting it stopped. One of the brake circuits is NOT working.

You need to get the truck to somebody who knows how the, um, fritz, to bleed a system with ABS. It is a special procedure, and has to be followed closely.
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