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Brake light coming on, brakes spongy and surging

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I have already been to the dealer to have the rotors changed and brakes replaced while in warranty. Now I am having a problem with the brakes surging and the brake light coming on. When I turn off the key and turn it back on everything resets itself, the light goes off and the brakes quit surging. I took it in once and they could find nothing wrong. It has done it 3 times in the last few weeks and it getting to be a concern. I have about 56,000 miles on it now. Anyone else found an answer to this. I have two friends who have the titans and are having the same thing happen occasionally. Is this a recall item?
I have a 2004 titan crew cab.
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In a reply to the question I had the brakes redone around 30,000 miles. They replaced the rotors and brakes. And am a little shy about taking it back to the dealer in Pt. Neches Texas. They repaired the brakes and didnt tighten the right front wheel lugs. My wife was turning about 1/2 mile from the dealer and the tire shot off tearing up my fender as it took off. Of course they fixed everything up but if my wife had been up to 70 mph or so something really bad might have happened. I plan on taking it to Beaumont to the dealer there for the next fix. I also have an extended warranty, but not with Nissan. Also each time it has happened it was after hours. And you have to slam your foot to the floor to get it to stop.
I was taking it in to the dealer yesterday to have the brakes checked and of course something happened. A woman tried to beat the traffic and whipped out in front of me and we collided. I almost stopped in time but to no avail. So it was towed to the Dealer this morning. When they get to it and find my problem I will post the findings for the next person with this problem. By the way the brake fluid res. is full. And this only happens occasionally as we drive it every day, or when I can afford gas to keep it going.
Thanks for the replys.
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