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Brake noise on 2017 Titan

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Anyone else hear the "electronic whooshing" noise when you press the brake pedal lightly?
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I have it at any speed, but not every time I brake.

Have to give it about a minute or two in-between braking events, but sure enough it happens with the same exact 1-2 second duration and very quiet volume.

Seemed to me to be normal operation. Dealer said they applied some sort of lubricant after they replicated my complaint but somehow I doubt it...

Has zero effect on braking, she stops on a dime with no fading/irregular feel.

Yes. I assume it's normal kinda of like the whistling has tank. But I don't hear it upon slower speeds but any higher speeds I hear it right upon pressing the break
Hey I noticed the whistling gas tank when I filled up too!! Haha. All sorts of little quirks, doesn't bother me now knowing it's normal.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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