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brake problem with only 14000 miles

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hey guys i need some help, i just got my truck lifted with a 6 in PC stage 1 kit, 18 in wheels and 35 in tires, now when my truck rolls it makes this really weird noise, like a humming noise when i am rolling between 0-5 mph. And now when i apply my brakes after letting the truck sit for a while, they brakes already make squeeking noises? WTF Does anyone else have this problem, any ideas. Never been in 4 wheel drive yet no mud in the caliper, took the tires off sprayed with brake cleaner, nothing works. Any help would be great.:smoke:
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Lots of AT and MT tires hum, especially when brand new. And when going from a stock 44 lbs. tire to a 65-95 lbs. tire, especially with a larger diameter, it can put additional stress on the brakes, among other things.

I'm thinking of upgrading to some Power Slot, or maybe some OEM sized rotors and quality pads. Since you are running 18s, consider the Stillen Big Brakes, especially if you tow.
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