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Brake Problems... a big problem..

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okay, i just had a +4 inch long travel kit installed onto my truck.. and i had to extend the brake line. when ever i turn now my brakes give out after the turn, there is no air in the lines im thinking that when i turn the lines pinch somewhere and dont allow the fluid to flow to the breaks the only place i even think that they pinch is right at the brake pads where it connects.. any ideas on how to fix this one?
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get another pair of eyes to see whats goin on as you turn from lock to lock, or have someone turn wheel as you view.....
You may need to upgrade to stainless brake lines also.
Ive had a couple others look at the problem even the dealership and they didnt come up with anything

i already have braided lines on it all ready. im really thinking its the pinch at the connection point but im really stumped on how to fix it...
You have to replicate the problem with somebody under the truck to see it!
I would disassemble and re-do it.

There is a certain way you have to replace lines when you have ABS.

I would google it, or ask PRG or Stillen.
After the turn, do you need to pump the brakes 2-3 times, and then they work fine?
If that's the case, look for something moveing the caliper during the turn...
If you pinched the line, there would be no braking by that wheel, but the pedal wouldn't feel weak...
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