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brake problems

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This may have been touched on several times but the only thing I see is the poll. Should my brakes be pulsating at 20,000 miles? Is this what everyone been having issues with and is this under warranty. . .
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since noone else seems to want to chime's called judder. You need to go to your dealer and tell them you have it and it should be fixed under warranty. tell them you want the new components, not just your rotors turned.
Thanks a lot for the response, I just called the dealer and they will have it in Monday morning.
I just had my rotors turned this week at 13K miles....the dealer told me that is all they are authorized to do at this time. All I got was a shrug when I pointed out that simply turning the rotors would not correct the reason the problem occured in the first place. Does Nissan have a formal policy on this? And what parts?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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