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brake repair issues

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Titan owners I have completed 2 front brake jobs on my 2006 titan in less than 60,000 miles. These brake jobs included rotors. What about you?:redblob"
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Yeah, lots of brake jobs. You can get better aftermarket brakes like Frozen Rotors and Hawk LTS pads, or you can get the larger 2008+ front calipers and rotors which requires 18" wheels and a hub spacer ring or there are several aftermarket big brake kits like Stoptech and Stillen.
Thank you sir for your response to my brake repair issues.:bangit::bangit:
After 89k on my 04, I've only done one... Front rotors and pads. Glad I did too, my pads almost weren't pads anymore
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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