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Brake Upgrade

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I have an 04 XE. I tow an open hauler with a 350z. Plus tools, jacks and couple set of wheels/tires i'm towing about 6,000#. I noticed brakes felt a little weak. Some people were saying the 08+ brakes are redesigned? How much would that cost to upgrade? what are differences and part numbers? I was thinking to just change to steel braided lines and better pads and fluid.
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I would suggest to anyone who trailers that you start with new braided lines...including the rear drops, not just the caliper lines. I got mine from Crown. Change the fluid to DOT4 if it's more than one year old and test drive before you spend more money. If that doesn't suit you, next look at EBC yellow pads. Problem solving one thing at a time until you get the results you want. One more thing...I can't tell from your post where or under what conditions you feel things are getting pedal soft, but if you are overheating your brakes (the new pads and fluid will show this to be the problem right away) the heat starts in the rotor and then the pads heat up and the next step is the caliper gets overheated. This causes old fluid to 'boil' as well as any water in the fluid, (it will accumulate in your calipers due to higher specific gravity versus the brake fluid). This vapor boil puts air in between your foot and the tires....reducing stopping ability and making that soft pedal. The yellow pads are somewhat better than most at insulating the heat from the caliper. In any case, in grades, I almost always use my manual shift to slow descent rather than brakes to control the heat transfer.

I pull almost 9k lbs with an '05 LE Crew w/Big Tow. Did exactly as I've outlined here, and all is good. Good luck.
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