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Brake Upgrade

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I have an 04 XE. I tow an open hauler with a 350z. Plus tools, jacks and couple set of wheels/tires i'm towing about 6,000#. I noticed brakes felt a little weak. Some people were saying the 08+ brakes are redesigned? How much would that cost to upgrade? what are differences and part numbers? I was thinking to just change to steel braided lines and better pads and fluid.
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We have the upgrade available complete if you are interested. It runs $909.15 with the Titan Talk discount. Includes calipers, caliper brackets, caliper bolts and hardware, SS lines front, Frozen Rotors Slotted, and Hawk LTS brake pads. Our rotors are HUB centric.

Let me know if you have any questions.


interested ... pm me more info
bump guys
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