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Brakes going bad again.. Ugh!

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Well, the first time I had it done they ground the rotors and installed new pads. This was around 10k miles.

The 2nd time they claimed to have done the TSB with new rotors. But only a couple. This was around 20k miles. The work order shows new rotors only. Part number 40206-ZC01A

Now at about 23k miles they're even worse than the 1st time! Before it was steering wheel judder.. this is more like a pulsing in the brake pedal, and the pedals seems to go down a lot further than before.

I called this morning to set up an appointment and explained this started happening after the TSB was "said to have been done."

I want to have my ducks in a row when I go in, so what info do I need to bring to make sure this is done under warrenty?
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I've been looking around and either I'm blind or can't seem to find part number(s) to be used when they replace with the new rotor.. I want to verify the rotor part number was actually the updated part, and not just a stocker agian.

Also, I found it odd they didn't replace pads as well.. work order shows only the rotors.
Anyone who has had the brake TSB done with new rotors, can you give a part number and what all should have been done? Just want to make sure before dropping it off tommorow.
So I finally found the right TSB with part numbers... :)

The 2nd time they did my brakes the DID install the proper new rotors, but that is all, they didn't do the rest which is new pads all the way around, resurfacing rear rotors. The other parts on the TSB were replaced on the first fix they did where they just resurfaced (bolts and stuff, new pads but the older style). But the pads with the rotor replacement have different part numbers than the old ones.

SOOO..... they MESSED up if you ask me... you can't just slap on the new rotors with the old pads!
Am I interrupting something here? Perhaps an inner monologue?
Could be.. you made a pretty useful post too! :)

Anyhow, I drop it off a few minutes ago. I tell him it's worse than before and the last TSB they did the work order showed only new rotors, not pads, etc. He said "the pads have only been updated once that I know of... "

I said "That's right... and the new pads should have been put on with the rotors... instead they must have thought because they installed new pads (old part number) the first time when they ground the rotors, that was good enough... now in 3k miles it's worse than it ever was..."

The monologue shall continue... can't wait for the call. Hopefully they do the work without authorizing first... lol Or fix it RIGHT.
Dealers like this are the reason people start making up myths about the Titan having bad brakes. People are quick to slam Nissan, but never doubt their dealer's service department. The TSB calls out specifically what is to be done. Period. If your delaershop has problems following directions I would seriously look elsewhere for service. Who knows what instructions they will decide to interpret their own way next?

They call... they said they will grind the rotors and pay for 1/2. So $45 to me.

I go through the whole TSB thing, only 3k since the "new improved rotors", and that they didn't replace the pads then either... he said "pads look great..."

I ask him what happens next time they warp. He says Nissan will probably not do anything because of my "oversized tires" (on stock rims... I have the Kumhos...) They are also a GM dealer and said even GM is shooting down brake jobs on anything but stock rim/tires...

So I agreed this time to pay the $45. If they go bad again, I'll go to Autozone and get their brakes (I think that's the alternative I read). Or I'll just trade in the truck for a new Tundra.. lol...
Dont feel bad, I have had all 4 rotors, pads, and calipers replaced twice now.... 14,000 miles on the truck... no towing or hard braking... First time was a catastrophic brake failure, then warped rotors, cracked pads, now i noticed brake fluid leaking out of the right rear brake line..... not to mention the other 7k worth of warranty work allready done, God I own a lemon..:smoke:
So I agreed this time to pay the $45. If they go bad again, I'll go to Autozone and get their brakes (I think that's the alternative I read). Or I'll just trade in the truck for a new Tundra.. lol...
Why are you going to pay for something that was never done right?? Call your regional Nissan rep and tell them what is going on. Your dealer is dishonest and hosing you for their mistake. The TSB specifically calls out what to replace. Front rotors, pads and a clip. Rear wheels get the rotors turned, new pads and clip. That is the TSB. Anything less and they did not do the job correctly. If you do a search or post asking here, I am sure someone can post a copy of the actual TSB from Nissan. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO A NISSAN DEALER WHO CARES!!!! Your current dealer apparently only cares about removing your money from your wallet.
I just had the brake "fix" done for the 2nd time today, all under warranty. Today they replaced the front rotors, resurfaced the rears, and replaced all of the pads. 45K on mine.
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