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braking on slippery surfaces

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I have a 2005 titan and about 7000 miles I had the rotor and brake stuff done due to the common shudder , all has been fine with that BUT what has been happening only in the winter is , when I am on an ice or snow/slush surface , sometimes when I apply the brakes in 4x4 OR 4x2 , it seems like the front rotors are slipping and I get a pulse type feeling in the pedal ,"not your typical ABS pulseing" it does nothing like this on dry stuff and I know it is NOT because of frozen parts or slush up in the brakes , etc , I know this cause of being on ice when it was nice ,truck was bone dry and 50 outside , currently I have about 17.000 ,miles on it , now for all I know maybe this is how the truck is made to act "maybe to keep steering under control but I doubt this" I am going to have the state inspection done soon and I am still under warranty , I will tell the dealer about this , but you know how that sometimes goes , so suggestions , comments , etc
And that is what feels like is happening , the front rotors slipping threw the pads , it gives you that feeling both in the pedal and from the front of the truck
other than this all has been sweet
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Do you have VDC?
No I do not , which is too bad since if I did , that probably would be what it was like. I have the standard abls of course but do not see how that could be it esp since this happens when in 4x2 and it seems like the front tires are slidding along the ground , when the front brakes start to allow them to slip , maybe the front brakes just dont have the stopping power for some reason? I dont know , on one hand I was hoping this is some factory thing in which it is supposed to do this , on the other hand I dont really like it since I think it reduces my chances of stopping
I have noticed that the ABS 'sensation' in these trucks is more "pronounced" than other vehicles I've driven. Not that the actual actual braking sytem is working better/worse than other vehicles, but the sensation you feel in the brake pedal, and the noises that the system makes is more noticeable. My thoughts are that your system is working fine, just takes some getting used to.
o.k , I guess I can buy that. quick question , I know I should know this , but the front brakes are abs? correct?
hey , I got to thinking if that was the abs I was feeling, shouldnt it always feel that way? so I got to looking around the net and I know my truck has what is known as brake assist HOWEVER i found this other thing called electronic brake-force distribution and that supposedly takes the brakes and gives more power to the tires with the most grip , could this be what I was feeling? perhaps the front was sliding so it gave some power to the rear???
now , I dont recall seeing this electronic brake-force distribution anywhere when I read my manual , do all the trucks have this? if so , then perhaps that is it
The ABS will feel different on ice then just about any other surface...It takes a lot of caliper by-pass in the brake system to keep a tire from locking up on ice, maybe that's what you're feeling.
Are you saying you can't stop?
It's the ABS and our trucks have 4-wheel ABS. The sensation will vary depending on which wheel(s) are slipping and how much.

Nothing to worry about, just something to get used to. If it were an actual brake problem you would experience it whether the road were wet or dry.
thanks guys , to answer the one guy , yes I can and do stop , but hearing that noise and feeling it made me have a tendiency to get off the brake some as I thought something was wrong
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