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Brand New Nissan Lcd Nav Screen-never Used $300

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Brand New Nissan Lcd Nav Screen-Taking Best offers at this point

OK. Taking any and best offers at this point.

Hey guys, my wife has a 2007 Armada with Nav and I have a 2004 titan without NAV. I picked up an extra stock LCD screen a few months ago to keep either for an upgrade for my truck or for a spare for my wife but she has a 100K warrant on hers. These stock screens are really expensive. In any event, it is just collecting dust in my closet and I need the money for Christmas

I need to get $300 shipped to anywhere in the U.S. It is brand new and still has the plastic screen protector still on the unit. You don't even want to know what I paid for it nor do you ever want to be faced with having to order a new one from Nissan ($2000+ when I looked it up)

NO scam guys. Just trying to clean out the closet for some cash.



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is this just a matter of mounting it and plugging it in to play?
Not quite sure what you are asking. If you don't have a nav system already in your vehicle, you will need to buy the nav bezel for $146 and then yes, the screen will mount right into the nav bezel.

If your truck isn't wired to use the screen, you will have to buy an rgb converter which is about $200 and then you can hook the screen up to a dvd player, nav system, etc...
is the SE prewired for this?
If your vehicle does not have the nav system installed from the factory, you do not have the wire harness to power the screen.

Taking best offers at this point.
i'll buy it for $150 just because i already have 2 avic navs. but could always use an extra.
Sorry for not getting back to you guys. I have been away on business for a while.

First $150 takes it. I will ship the same day I receive payment via paypal. my paypal address is [email protected].
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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