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Brand New Tech 12 memphis m3 in a ported box for a CC

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I have a brand new never used ported box from Tech12volt which was built for the brand new memphis m3 that's in it. The sub faces up on the drivers side and the port faces the passenger door. The box is wrapped in gray carpet and has TITAN written in raised lettering under the carpet.
A couple years back when I bought it I told him I wanted the loudest cleanest box he could make and that's what he thought was the best overall box. I don't know if things have changed and if new boxes have been made to sound better but I know these single ten m3's in this ported box are nice and loud.
Please PM me if anyone is interested.
I am in South FL and can deliver in Tampa/Orlando/South FL area usually.
I'd like to get $200 out of it.


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Is it 2 10's? Down firing or up? Where in SF are you?
I'm in Palm Beach Gardens, but travel the state often. It is an up firing single ten ported on the passenger side with the sub on the drivers. It truly is a nice box and tech said that this single ten would sound better alone in a ported box rather than 2 tens since it will give the single ten the actual air space it needs, where as 2 of these m3 tens wouldn't be any louder or as clean since there isn't enough air space for both of them.

Is it 2 10's? Down firing or up? Where in SF are you?
Damn bro where in Hollywood are you?
I can. Let me check and see how much my cost is for shipping.
also would like a shipping quote for 08085
Bump to the Top.
Just added pictures and more info on the box.
How much does it take up under the back seat? Do the seats close properly? I know some boxs get crushed under there.
It fits prefect. The box was built for this memphis m3 so the excursion of the sub is no problem.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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