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Breaking Old Town News!!!

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ok for those of you that have more money in your truck than your house you CAN run your OWN truck on the dyno so you know it isnt being hurt by anyone other than yourself. This is HUGE as most dyno operators will NOT let people run their vehicles due to insurance pourposes but we have sweet talked him into it. now you have no excuse not to dyno your truck. now the price is $60 for a min of 3 pulls (we get the dyno all day with our prepays also once the minimum number is reached to get the dyno to old town you WILL be able to pay at the event ONLY if we get 25 prepaid!!) everyone knows about teh paypal fees so to keep from breaking poor old me send 62.50 that will cover paypals fee so I dont have to end up paying over $100 in fees plus my dyno. thank you for your understanding on the fees i wish it wasnt that way but it is.
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I know some people that will be doing their
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