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Eventually I will be adding some auxiliary lights to the rear of my truck that will be able to engage with a switch as well as when the truck goes into reverse but, that wont be until I swap over to custom tube bumper on the back of my truck.

I recently added the bulbs in the photo below onto the truck. I put them in the door lights and they are bright as hell. You can see the difference in the second pic. the fronts have the leds and the rears are factory bulbs.

I also put them in cargo area lights and they are definitely brighter that the factory bulbs. I also like that they have a crisp "cool white" glow to them instead of the warm yellow of the factory bulbs.

Before i swapped them into the cargo lights I tried one in the reverse light and while it did have the "cool white" glow, they were not as bright as the factory bulbs. I am guessing this is because of the way the reflector inside the light housing is designed. Since the led bulb only has a single led pointing directly backwards to the rear of the truck, that even with all the other side facing leds there simply is less light pointing backwards.

So I am now asking, have any of you guys had any luck with getting better reverse lighting without adding any lights and only swapping out the factory bulbs? If so, could you provide me a link for what you swapped to?

Thanks and happy Fathers Day.
I have those same led bulbs in my truck... They are great in the doors but not so much when you put them in the reverse lights... they do shine back and illuminate the area, but not as good as oem. I think i will give the cree leds a try too
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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