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Bull bar possible with off-road package?

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Does anyone know of a bull bar that can be easily installed without permanent removal of factory skid plate?

I've tried Romik, it wouldn't work, Westin apparently will not work either.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Westin and Aries will work. I have the Aries and RedneckPapa1996 has the Westin with 4x4. You need to do a bit of creative wrangling, but it works no problem. Just don't buy the Hunter bar either. The mount is different and not adaptable to the 4x4.
To date, there are no bullbars that don't replace the tow hooks. There are a few "lightbars" that require drilling into the front bumper and don't displace the tow hooks. They don't really look like the bullbars, though and are typically a lighter tubing, like 1 1/2" or 2" or something like that.

And thanks! I tend to read a lot on here about this truck! This is a great place for info on anything Titan. :thumbsup:
carver1titan4x4 said:
BB why will the hunter not work on 4x4 is it just because of the skid plate mine is just standard 4x4 not the off road i figured that it would work where you saying that just because of the skid plates on the off road?????
Not just saying that because of the skidplate. The Hunter mounting rails are slightly wider than the 4x4 mounting points. Plus, they are shaped in such a way that they would need to be severely modified to attach at the 4x4 mounting brackets. Arachnid and I went round and round on how to modify them for his 4x4 and without major torching, there really is no way to easily do it. On a 4x2, no problem. 4x4.... :dunno:
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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