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I have a buddy who just bought an '06 4X4 Crew Cab SE. He is wanting to put the Bulletproof proof 12" lift on it but doesn't want the front to be higher than the back. He either wants it level or with a very slight rake. We have heard mixed answers on what this kit does to the level of your truck. Can anyone give me some solid feedback? Thanks!
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The front will sit higher than the back..but im sure its not a hard fix.
just buy a bigger bolck for the back, or get some different leafs that are a little bigger than what is required for the kit. simple.
I'm fairly sure a prg race pack deavor would solve that problem along with a smaller block, as I don't think the bulletproof springs if they even have them would be as big of a lift as his large leaf, I could be wrong. but do a search on the 12" bulletproof lift, I've heard of bad reviews and I think that's why Greg doesn't sell it :confused:
The new Deaver race pack is only about a 3-3.5" lift. The Bulletproof kit uses an Atlas sping at 6+" of lift. Since that kit uses coilovers, you can easily adjust the height of the front. Just add a body lift and drop the front to match the rear.
If you get the atlas leafsprings in the back it will sit level. If not, it will have a slight sag in the rear.


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