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Bully smoke Led 3rd brake light

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Bully brand LED third brake light. Lens color is smoke and will fit 04-07 Nissan Titans. I put the factory one back on. I like the factory light output better. Unit is barley used. Price is 60.00 shipped to your door. The light was bought from surferboy. Here's the link It will cost me a little to mail it from here. I actually paid 60,00 shipped. Just trying to get my money back.


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Bump,bump,up to the top
seems like this thing is making its rounds on titantalk.

btw, which light output are you not happy w/? the cargo or the brake light?
Light output is different K than stock. It's different for sure. Not as bright? I don't agree. Mine lights up the bed nicely and i use it in reverse as well. It hides itself well installed, doesnt look like there is even a light there until brakes are applied. Just some feedback for anyone interested in the offer here.
roy, is that what kind yours is? do you have any pics installed? thanks in advance.
I wasnt happy with the cargo light portion. Like Roy said, the light is a different color. It guess it put s out the same shade of a LED style. I prefer the yellowness of stock. I guess I'm just being picky. The light will do the trick for braking and bed ilumination, but I liked the stock better. I did like the smoke look. There are more used parts floating around TT then a brake light. Ive seem some exhaust's on it's 4th owner here. Jus trying to pass along something to someone else. I could take a picture of it next to the Titan if that would help.
New price. 50 shipped firm.:cheers:
Bump you know you want one.
could you get someone to model it on a canteen titan? I suck at photo shop... I'd get it, but just don't think it'll match :(
It's moke and I think it will look good on any vehicle. Kinda like your tinted window look for your 3rd brake light
Sold for the low price of 50 bucks :cheers:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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