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Bullydog and shifting = serpentine belt broke

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Just got BDPP about a month ago. Love the WOT removal. Have a problem though when I hammer it from stop. Truck seems to rev to 6200 rpm immediately due to tire roasting. Here's the deal.

I haven't been able to stay in it and wait until a second gear shift due to the fact I'm watching my tach and saying please shift.... It doesn't seem to shift so I let off.

Well today. I hammer it from stop. Once again, I freak out due to 2nd gear not shifting and I look at my tach 6100 rpm. So I let off, then I hammer it again. I'm thinking when I did this the serpentine belt said, wait let me catch up and it spun half of it off. Truck still runs but is missing half the belt.

After I take the truck to Nissan for a new belt Monday. I'm thinking I'll lower the BDPP shift point to around 5800 rpm.

This happen to anyone else???
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No it hasn't. Lowering the rev limiter will just cause it to bog down for a second. The trans shifting is controlled by a set RPM in the TCU, so until someone cracks the TCU code, you're stuck with the factory set shift RPM. I have to ask, why would you keep the pedal way down when you're smoking the rear tire? With the power you have now, you'll have to roll into the pedal for a second before pushing it all the way down. That will give you a good controlled launch with minimal tire spin in most cases.
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