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Bullydog and shifting = serpentine belt broke

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Just got BDPP about a month ago. Love the WOT removal. Have a problem though when I hammer it from stop. Truck seems to rev to 6200 rpm immediately due to tire roasting. Here's the deal.

I haven't been able to stay in it and wait until a second gear shift due to the fact I'm watching my tach and saying please shift.... It doesn't seem to shift so I let off.

Well today. I hammer it from stop. Once again, I freak out due to 2nd gear not shifting and I look at my tach 6100 rpm. So I let off, then I hammer it again. I'm thinking when I did this the serpentine belt said, wait let me catch up and it spun half of it off. Truck still runs but is missing half the belt.

After I take the truck to Nissan for a new belt Monday. I'm thinking I'll lower the BDPP shift point to around 5800 rpm.

This happen to anyone else???
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I like to hammer it from a dead stop. Which I've realized now is not the best way to do it. I'll try rolling into it from now on. Definately don't want to get standed from a broken belt.

Can't understand how hammerin' it from a dead stop affects the serpertine belt... Could it be a problem with the belt tensioner? Can't phathom the belt bustin' out with just stompin' on the throttle.:confused:

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