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Bullydog CAI

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I have a 2014 SL and am trying to install a bullydog CAI. Has anyone done this as the directions say to remove the 1 10mm bolt holding the airbox to the truck. I have 2 10mm bolts (the one they show + another inside the airbox). My concern is that the bullydog CAI has 2 holes in the bottom that I am to remove the rubber groments from my old air box to fill. Since Bullydog (yes I've called) has no knowledge of this second bolt I cannot imagine their configuration will use the parts and mount in the original place.

Additionally, if anyone could comment on the rear axle and brakes on the 2014 as their is a vented cover on the rear axle and the rotors appear to be larger diameter, although they have already been replaced once under warranty.

I chose the Bullydog CAI because it was the only model besides my factory box that was fully enclosed to prevent induction of hot below the hood air into the intake. Even the airraid uses a rubber seal instead of a top. The rubber seal would then sit against the porus underhood insulation....
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I found that the airbox from the Bullydog will fit in place of the stock box, but there is no nipple for my front axle overflow (minor issue). Tha being said I now have the Bullydog GT programmer and the CAI installed and would still like to hear comments on the axle and brakes.
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