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Bully's Firestrip L.E.D. Tailgate light

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Hey guys. Been a long time since I've posted here but my bro just gave me the LED tailgate lights, the one that activates when braking or turning and it's located underneath the tailgate. Problem is 1) I only see one socket that's connected with a plug, assuming it's the plug for the tail lights. 2) The location where the light is placed underneath the tailgate, it kind of blocks the hole where you put the extension of the jack to lower the wheel. That something I can probably modify. But anyhow. The main issue is the connection of the plug. Does anyone have any idea how this is done. Thanks.
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I would think they just plug into the trailer plug socket if you have Big Tow.

I use one of these and it just plugs right in, I love it.

I like the
brand because they have the most LED's in the light than any other one I have ever seen.
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^ Good point, I forgot I have one of those convertwers because I just think of it as part of the hitch light, because when I tow the whole thing comes off so I can get the 7-pin trailer plugged in....

I just found this on ebay, and yup, they mention the electrical connection is as I suspected, plugs into trailer connector.
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