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Bumper rust spots question

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My front bumper had a rust spot the size of a pea. I took it to the body shop and they are getting a hold of NISSAN on what to do. Just for the heck of it I checked my rear bumper and counted at least 25 tiny spots. Is this normal? Can I clean the rear bumper somehow...or is it not suppose to happen this quick.
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On the outside im guessing? Do you ever polish your chrome? Whenever I end up waxing my truck I use chrome polish which says it helps protect rust from forming. I haven't had any rust show up since 04 (well except on the inside of the bumpers)
Thats sorta what I thought...but thought it was way early to have to worry about rust. Mabey i'll go to wally world and get some.
I just noticed some rust spots on my rear bumper today as well. It's an 05 and seems to be way too early for rust to be showing up!. They are fairly small, but I want to take care of them while they are small. Anyone have any tricks to get rid of them? Thanks guys.
I recommend POR15 first to remove any rust and then use any protectants...
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