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Burning oil Nissan won't honor warranty

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Hi my Nissan Titan is burning oil at 50,000 miles. Nissan won't honor the warranty. I have oil change receipts but they say that there was sludge in the engine and that that can only come from not changing the oil enough. But I did change it and have the receipts to prove it! Any ideas on how to get Nissan to honor the warranty? Does anyone know of this happening with other Titans or NVs? By the way, mine's a 2012.
Thank you! I look forward to hearing your replies.
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How much oil is it using? FWIW, my 2014 at 23 k miles uses virtually no oil between changes. Did the oil used where you had it changed meet Nissan's requirements? (Required oil is 5W30, meeting API Service SN and marked API Certified - see attached image from the Titan Service manual).

Who did you speak to? If just the dealer's service writer, then escalate to the service manager. If that doesn't or didn't work, take the concern to the Nissan USA zone rep. The dealer should be helpful in setting that up.

Did the person you talked to tell you the acceptable oil consumption limit for Nissan? IDK what it is off hand, but they shouldn't have trouble answering that. Most major car companies will try to argue that quite a bit of oil consumption is within acceptable limits.

In any event, if you are using a lot of oil, and your oil changes shown on the receipts were "in spec," then I would escalate the concern. Nissan USA should at least make sure the dealer does a proper diagnosis. At 50k and about 4 years, you are still within the drivetrain warranty on a 2012, right? They should make good, if all else is OK.

Good luck!


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