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Burnout Thread

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How bout us havin a BURNOUT thread?? Those with Titan Burnouts post them here!!

For's a lil...

Tire Killin' ,No Sense-a Havin, Money Wastin, Gas Burnin, Smoke Makin, People Pissin Offin, Rubber Meltin, Black Mark Leavin ,
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Very nice! Looks like Santa needs to leave you some tires under the tree :rofl:
Arachnid said:
Very nice! Looks like Santa needs to leave you some tires under the tree :rofl:
yep.. just finishin them off!! :smokingco
Nice video, looks like it was fun to make.
Very Cool,for personal reasons I don't do burnouts anymore on Xmas Eve.
When I was younger and dumber,I had a 69 Chevelle the would just fry the rear tires.On Xmas Eve I was showing off at a friends house before I had to go to my new girlfriends parents for dinner.Needless to say,the burnout didn't go to good,the tires were smoking then hooked up hard,sheared the pinion gear in half and launched the rear driveshaft.It really sucked.
But congrats on your nice burn,do it while it's still under warranty LOL
I don't do burnouts, I baby my truck. Have a merry xmas and safe holiday season.
LMAO......wonder what that car coming thought???? NIce one.......sounds suuuweeet!!!!!
Smoke them muthafu<kers !!!!!!! Woooo Hoooo !!!
You sir, are a madman! :cheers:
I am using your videos to convince my wife that I need a new exhaust. Awesome!!
It's really not the exhaust that does it... It's the floor mats that give the Titan the power.. :jester:
It's really not the exhaust that does it :jester:

You and I know that, but she doesn't:)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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