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I've bought two off the dealer lot brand new. One was an 04 than ran great with no problems until the dreaded fuel pump went out. The other is a 10 that I'm driving now and love it. I've had it for almost 1 year. The A/C control panel went out, but the dealer replaced it during an oil change. I drive 90 miles per day to and from work, and yes, it is very thirsty. That is the main problem people have is that the T eats gas. If you are driving that much, it's probably highway miles, so you'll get better, but still not good gas mileage. The problem we all have is keeping our foot out of the accelerator. Expect to get 14 and if it gets better, you'll be happy. 28 gallon tank means you'll be filling up every 3rd day.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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