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Driving that much you'll be filling up every other day. I have a 4x2 w/ the base 2.94 gearing and I'm lucky to average 14 around town. Typically it's mid to low 13s. Now highway it's not bad and I get 19-20. At the end of the day it gets about 2mpg worse than my father's 4x4 '06 F-150 around town but as good or slightly better highway.

I wouldn't want any fullsize truck as a daily driving that much. Might want to look at mid-size trucks. The Canyon I'm selling is awesome on gas for a truck. The only reason I bought the Titan was for a better tow vehicle. The Canyon has an I5 motor that makes 240 horse and is 2WD. I get 17-19 around town where I get 13 in the Titan and I get 24-26 highway where I get 19-20 in the Titan. I'm spending about $80 more per month in gas. That part sucks and will hurt even worse when gas creeps toward $4/gal this summer.

But I was tired of towing with a mid-size truck and the Titan makes trips to the race track much more pleasurable. Lots of people on there will mention to get a fuel efficient beater, but then what's the point of getting the truck to begin with? Just rent/borrow a truck when you need it if that's the case.

Good luck w/ your decision.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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