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I say go for it. Put on a Road Armor bumper and winch. What could be a better long range commuter vehicle than a lifted 4x4 Titan with MTRs? Yeah, it will burn a little gas, but you can always cut back on groceries. Beans & rice is less than 25 cents per serving.
You never fail to make me laugh man, I appreciate it. ROFLMFAO Classic.

For the person looking at a Titan to drive it 160 miles per day, damn. Honestly man, it all comes down to if you have the cash to burn, go for it, and I am talking about the kind of cash to make house payments with. If you really want a long distance vehicle, I say 4 cyl man. IMHO... The gas for that distance will not be worth the truck.

As for issues, the only issue I have with my 2006 are my brakes... I wish they were built better. Other than that, I will run my Titan until the rims rot...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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