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Buying wheels online

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Has anyone ever had a problem buying wheels online? Like arriving cracked or anything else?

My wheel guy kind of sucks and I am thinking about just buying from the internet.
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I'd find the cheapest place you can on the net and go to discount tire with that info and have them match it. Then there is no worry about damaged product.
stay away from centerline:flamed:
Well, I went ahead and went with

I called them up and discussed everything with them. I got lifetime warranties for the wheels and tires. I went with 20x10 moto metal 951's wrapped in a 35x12.5 toyo open country m/t.

It hopefully shouldn't rub with the 7" lift but if they do, I'll either lift it higher or I'll get new fender flares.

And I'll be doing some of the pinch weld mod more than likely
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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