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Buying with high miles

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Hi I'm looking at a 2008 LE with basically 120k on the clock. I've seen a lot of the lists of things to look for on the '07 and older ones but I'm also told they fixed several issues for the '08+ models. But a list to make sure I'm not missing anything would be awesome! It's a black crew cab with every option and looks to be in perfect condition. Any help would be awesome.
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'07 was a significant model year for the Titan. Many of the things that were wrong with the 04-06 models were fixed in '07. The '08 was somewhat similar but the '08.5 had more improvements. I think the rear axle was beefed up a bit in '08.5. Since I have the '07 I don't keep close tabs on the newer models. Mine has been a very good vehicle.

One thing that didn't seem to get fixed was the axle seals.

Things to look at closely:
axle seals
radiator (look at the bottom plastic cap for leaks)
leaking exhaust manifolds (Heat shields need to be removed for visual inspection. At cold startup the leaks can be heard.)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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