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Bye Bye Dodge...Hello Nissan! Cleveland OH

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My lease was up on my Dodge truck so I went out and purchased a 2011 Nissan Titan S Crew Cab at a local car auction. The truck is a 2wd S model with 128k miles. Clean undercarriage which is a big deal for the rust belt!! Overall the body is in nice shape. The interior is dirty and will need a good scrub. This is my first Nissan product. She runs like a clock so far.....90 miles driven to date. I like the get up and go it has but I think the Hemi would take it in the 1/4 mile. I may need a few engine mods....hahahaha.

There are a few issues that I will need to research on this forum so I joined today. Looking forward to learning all about this truck and tinkering with it over time. It nice to have something older that I can modify and not worry about as much.

Short term to do list in no order:
  1. Oil cooler appears to have a leak from the gasket. Looks like its a simple fix.
  2. Right door mirror glass is broken. Non power mirrors, I will likely upgrade to power tow mirrors. (I plan on towing my 67 Chevelle to the track!!!)
  3. There is something going on with the brakes. It feels like the ABS is kicking in at low speeds when stopping.
  4. Lower cup holder is broken off.
  5. Interior needs cleaned. Front seats will need a seat cover since they are stained so bad.
  6. Brake light is on dash

Keep on truck'n!


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