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Cajun Bpipes and Cajun tuning

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Just wanted to thank The guys at Cajun for all their help in my upgrade from the crappy cracked exhaust manifolds to JBA long tube headers, custom built B pipes and Custom Uprev tuning. Jeff and Joe are great and very patient with their customers:)
Guys, if you have a Titan you either have cracked exhaust manifolds or will have... go to and get it fixed right:)
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good shout out. wrong section
I don't know how to operate this When I try to go to the section that just brings me to the homepage
Thanks for the business! How is your truck performing?
I need to check the nuts one more time and I think its all good. Sounds good, but this evening I thought I heared a leak.... hard to say with the headers:)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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