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Tax season is here guys. If you have cracked manifolds the Cajun Stage 1 or 2 package is a proven fix. Don’t get bit by a second manifold failure. Cajun has been running strong for the Titan and Armada community for 8 years now. We have sold over 2800 manifold packages with complete Uprev Tuning services included. This package TOTALLY TRANSFORMS your truck for the better. We see a average of 50 RWHP gains and best of all no more manifold repair cost.

Cajun Bpipes is also offering Vapor Blasting services now with Cerekote coating in the near future. Vapor Blasting is a awesome way to restore vintage or delicate engine parts being aluminum, rubber, plastic, steel etc.. This process polishes as it cleans. It does a wonderful job on ATV and motorcycle cases.


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