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Cajun Catback is the way to go!

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Hey guys, big shout out to Jeff and his Cajun Catback system. I have a 2012 Nissan Titan Pro-4x (56500 miles) and just installed the following system.

Bolted to factory manifolds: Total cost was approx $1000
Resonated cajun b pipes (2.5" piping)
Cajun catback system (3" piping)
Borla 40944 (3" I/O)

Awesome fitment, excellent sound, 110% satisfied. I've been through four other styles of exhaust and mufflers and this is by far the most clean, pure, and best sounding of any I've had installed or heard on other titans. I've even been getting compliments from a couple of my buddies with the newer 5.0 coyote mustangs!

Worth every penny, thanks Jeff!
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Thanks for the review and yes the Borla is the best muffler you can get for these trucks. Glad you like!!!
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