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Cajun Feild Meet Details

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Just wanted to get the planning straight.
Place: Cajun Field +field+lafayette+la&ie=UTF8&ll=30.214872,-92.041826&spn=0.013851,0.022659&z=16&iwloc=A&om=1
When: Sunday Feb 24th
Time: Noon - till

This is what we have so far.
Andrea(CT): Travel Trailer (tv,grill, bathroom, radio)
Hihosilver(CT): 1 Table, chairs, also bringing charcoal se rims w/ terror graplers if anyone interested
Dom249(CT):generator and 1 sack of crawfish
Cool65hntr9(CT): generator
Me: Crawfish pot and seasoning, 2 tables, chairs and a canopy.

I'm guessing one sack of crawfish should be cool if we are grilling too. Everyone should bring thier own drinks and items to grill on Andrea's grill and we should be good to go. I don't think we need two generators so if you guys could pm each other and decide who is bringing one and then let me know. Any other items yall think we need? Just pm me and I will add it to the list as we go. Can't wait for this to go down.
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all sounds good so far
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