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I am starting to gather this early. I don't want to wait until the last minute to get ready for it.

Saturday, December 1st 2007; California Speedway - 1/4th Mile - Last Race Event of the Year for Street Legals!!

I'm going, my brother with his F-150, my friends Toyota Tacoma, and my friends F-150. More-in-likely an s2000 aswell.

I plan on getting up at 4:30 AM, having breakfast at McDonalds, and heading down there at about 5:30 AM. I got there at 6 AM, and there were already 290 other cars infront of me. They maybe only alllowing 400 like last time.

This time I am coming prepared: Eazy Up, Ice Chest, Cones to block off where I will be parking
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