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Calling all 07 owners, PLEASE

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A few months ago I posted this:[/url]

In a nut shell I was having intermittent problems with my vent switch. It will take 29 sec for it to transfer from vent to defrost.

I have had it to the dealer five different times for the problem all together. Initially I got the old "can not reproduce". I took it back in and they still could not find the problem and called the tech line at Nissan. It just so happened that when they spoke to tech support a few of them have Titans. They all agreed that this is not normal and there is a problem. They advised my dealer to replace the control unit, which they did. When I picked the truck up, you guessed it, same problem.

Through trial and error I have now isolated the problem to when my park/headlights are on. When they are on- 30 sec delay, when they are off- normal (EVERY TIME). When I took it back to the dealer with the new found info it still had them stumped, so they called the tech line again. After a few days I received a call from my dealer who advised me that the tech line advised them that they are not sure what the problem (important word PROBLEM) is and there is only one other unit ever reported to them with this problem. Tech line told my dealer that in that case they have replaced "everything" on that truck with no change. They told them that if there is ever a solution to the problem my dealer will be the first to know. Now I know that with all the problems that roll into the tech line only having two units involved will not bring a rapid response, if ever. So I decided to open a claim with Nissan USA. The rep I spoke with took my info and said she would pass it onto a regional specialist. I may have gone too far by mentioning lemon law etc. (I only say this because of the answer I received.)

Two days ago I received a call from Nissan advising me that depending on the illumination it is normal to take up to 30 sec to change.

What I don't understand is how in a few days does it go from a PROBLEM that only one other unit has to now being normal??????

What I am asking is if the next time you are in your 07 can you please see how long it takes to transfer from vent to defrost with the headlights off then on.

I feel very strongly about this issue not only from an inconvenience stand point but mostly from a SAFETY stand point. I either need to wait the 30 sec, and travel a 1/2 mile at 60, or turn the headlights off and hope I don't hit anyone/thing until the transfer. I feel the only option I have is to go throught the Attorney General or the NTSB. Before I take either one of these routes I would just like to know how "NORMAL" this is.

I am sorry for such a long post by I feel very strongly about this and really need all of your help, PLEASE.
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i have not noticed this on my 07' but next time i have to defrost i will try it and let you know but i dont understand how a totally seperate unit could cause the defront to do that unless it is drawing to much power to the headlights to properly perform the other function maybe just a guess have you checked your batt. to make sure you are getting the right amount of charge
Just went outside and checked. Same amount of time with lights on/off. Just a few seconds to for the air to switchup. I would definitely say not normal.
Mine too just a few seconds for change over.
Mine must be on the slow side too. I noticed this during a snowstorm going from floor to defrost. I thought it took a little too long to switch, I did however have the fan moving at about 3/4 so it could take a little longer due to the increased airflow.
I have noticed that sometimes it seems to take too long to switch over. I'll check this out when I have a chance and report back.
slight delay higher fan speed---nothing like your delay---hope you get an answer
Mine slows down every once in a while.
Thanks for all the input, and definitey thanks to those who went out and checked. Hopefully I can get a lot more responses so I have some ground to stand on. I think the key is the lights being on/off. I think I am going to pursue this.

Thanks Again,
Mine is only a few seconds. Lights on or off no change
I have been using mine alot lately and its been real snappy.
Good luck with that problem Thad. I've had my 07 since May and have noticed the longest its ever taken is about 3-4 seconds, but nothing like you have. Its about 30* outside now and I just checked. It switched pretty quick with the fan on high and low and with the headlights toggled.
mine took about 4 seconds on every fan speed w/ the lights on and off.
THANKS AGAIN, if you can keep the info coming, I am going to use this all when I open a complaint.
Mine is about 5-6 seconds with lights off but takes about 20 seconds with lights on. Keep me posted what they say. Interesting, must be voltage thing I guess.
Tested my 07 SE 4X4 and it took approximately 4 seconds.
Mine is quick at about 5 seconds, no change between lights on or off. Good luck.
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