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Calling out the Nissan Engineers

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I've read through a bunch of threads on this forum and have not seen one reply from someone claiming to be associated with Nissan...

You would think if any Nissan reps believed in their products they would be posting replies or at least be reading. Who better to offer advice on performance mods/tuning, fixing issues, etc.

So let this thread be used to post questions to Nissan reps and allow those reps to offer advice, convey little known facts, etc.

First question -- If you work for Nissan and proud to do so let us know by posting to this thread.
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I agree, this is the best place for Nissan to get the real time feedback on Titan.
It would be highly dangerous for anyone associated with Nissan to give any advice on altering a vehicle. Anything that would take the vehicle past the parameters it was designed for could cause failure which would result in lawsuits.
Still though - it would be neat to have someone to tell us about any issues...
Oh yeah, I think it would be sweet if someone from Nissan would grown some ca hones.
Nissan would fire them if they found out. But I think it should be easy to come on here without getting caught.
yeah and get some feedback about these dang squeaky seats the dealr wont do anything about and the drivetrain clunk caused my too much axle wrap and bad tolerances on the slip yoke....
Those guys are here now and then.
You might have not seen them.
As UDMTITAN said, no one from Nissan will post any information, or make any comments that are not public knowledge. At least if they want to remain employed. I remember reading posts from someone at Canton (where Titans are built) a while back that was giving information on 08's before they were available for sale. Haven't seen any posts from him lately... I do think there are Nissan employees that monitor the site.
Well if they came on here and tried not to get caught, then how are we supposed to know that they actually work for Nissan and not just some jagoff verbally masturbating.
This thread does not belong in the General Discussion forum and instead of moving it I'm closing it down as it is not going to serve the purpose for which it was intended (as if it could in the first place).
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