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Pepst said:
Just wanted to let you guys know that there is hope in getting these installed by the dealer after lifting your titan. I've read several post in which guys were having to buy them and install themselves. I was lucky enough to convince my dealer to install them under the SB. Fortunately for me, i had taken it in twice for alignment issues before the lift so i had a little leverage when i made the request. :)
Mine wouldnt replace under warrenty, unless it was out of alignment at stok ht, and under 12k miles i think. I had to buy em for $97 and installed myself in 30 min. i hate dealerships.
i even brought in the TSB too. Actually i had to explain to them WHAT they were and WHAT they did. Um, not exactly what u want to happen if these retards are working on your truck.
Only place that topped that was when my silverado siezed and locked up the crank and GM told me it was a dead battery. LOL!!!
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