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Camburg UCA with 5/8" spacers?

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will the Camburg UCA's work with my DR's (already installed) and the 5/8" spacers from Greg? i don't see why not but i thought someone might know something i don't.
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The DR's are made for replacing the stock shock with no need for a aftermarket UCA. The stock UCA would tolerate a .625" spacer, so no problems for the Camburg UCA.
a .625" spacer AFTER the factory 2" that the DR's are set at? or a .625" spacer with stock shocks? i have my DR's set around 2.5" right now. basically why i'm asking is i would like to fit 315/70/17's with no issues while having my DR's around 3" and the camburgs/spacer. sound good?
You can set the ride height what ever you want, the shock length determines if the UCA/ball joint will be an issue or not.
Since the DR's are stock length, and the stock UCA's can handle a .625" spacer, the Camburgs should be "way fine"...IIRC the motion ratio is 3:1 so a .625" spacer should give you about 2" of lift...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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