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Camper Shell + LED Bars?

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So, I've been toying around with the idea the past few months of finding a solution for 360 degree lighting, for camping/trails/etc. I just wanted to run an idea by you good TT-ers as a sanity check/brainstorm.

Initially I wanted a roof rack for both my cab and camper shell, either one that would bridge the gap between the cab and the bed with some type of flexible yet durable material, or just by having two separate racks. As much as I would love to have the rooftop storage, I've kind of put that idea on the back burner for now.

New idea: I have a Leer 100XL. I was thinking of cutting out an area above both side windows to accommodate a 20''ish single row bar on each side, and two cuts on either side of the third brake light, enough for a 4''ish single row bar on each side. My goal would be to cut deep enough to have all of these bars flush mounted, with a gasket or some type of sealant obviously to keep things watertight. Does anyone have any type of experience with doing something like this on a similar camper shell? My main concerns would be the actual depth of the shell, as well as possibly compromising the integrity of the sides by making a roughly 2ft L x 4in D(eep) x 4in H cut. The area above the side windows is actually quite flat, and is fairly perpendicular to the ground. The rear has more of a slant to it where a completely flush light would be angled upwards, so I would need to compensate accordingly for that.

Also, any wiring suggestions such as the best/cleanest way to run from the camper shell to the cab would be appreciated. Ultimately, my plan is: 50 inch curved low profile spot/flood roof bar (white/amber toggle), a 30 inch spot bar for front bumper (white/amber toggle), the 2 20 inch spot/flood side flush mounted bars, and the 2 4 inch flood rear flush mounted bars. Three switches total, one for front facing that is a three way switch to swap between white for darkness, and amber for low visibility/hazardous situations, one for sides, and one for rears.

Mainly, I'm just looking for any feedback on the idea. Good call? Bad call? Experience? Concerns? Anything is appreciated, I'll take any and all ideas/criticism.

Thanks all!
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The Leer 100 XQ has rails mounted on top that allow you to mount a set of Thule feet. If you had those rails you could much more easily mount a basket on top of the shell. Check with your local topper retailer to see if they can retrofit the rails.
The way the Thule feet lock into the rails it's almost like a spring nut in the Utilitrack system. So maybe you could do something like that instead of buying the Thule feet which add a good 3" to the height.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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