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Camper top a Mistake?

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After viewing 5th wheels and TTs in Vegas, I decided the best traveling option for me was to install a camper shell and carpet kit in my bed, ship the truck from Hawaii, then buy a Travel Trailer in vegas...maybe a 28-30 footer with a weight near 8-9000lb when loaded. After reading some of this forum, I feel the shell may be a mistake since it may put me in a separate weight limitation. This never occurred to me prior to ordering the shell, which I have paid for and expect delivery in HI at the end of January.

As a young lad, I toured with my Grandmother who drove an Electra 225 with an Airstream trailer. I find it hard to believe my 05 Titan could not handle as large a load as the old Buick.

Any advice on the shell, max trailer size, etc, would be appreciated since I plan to live in this trailer for at least a year and travel Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Canada...Mahalo!
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Why TT? How about a large popup - especially if weight is a concern.

I have a Fleetwood Hemlock (now called Niagara) hiside. It's a tent trailer that when open is as big (or bigger) than several TT's we camp with.

The weight is 4500 or less (I rounded) - I always use 5K for a good fudge factor. The thing comes with potty, microwave, stove, shower (inside/outside), 2 king beds and plenty of storage. Setup isn't much longer than a TT.

Anyway, it's a thought. The only time I don't like my popup is when I have to tear down in the rain. Otherwise I wouldn't think of upgrading to a TT anytime soon.
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