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Camper top a Mistake?

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After viewing 5th wheels and TTs in Vegas, I decided the best traveling option for me was to install a camper shell and carpet kit in my bed, ship the truck from Hawaii, then buy a Travel Trailer in vegas...maybe a 28-30 footer with a weight near 8-9000lb when loaded. After reading some of this forum, I feel the shell may be a mistake since it may put me in a separate weight limitation. This never occurred to me prior to ordering the shell, which I have paid for and expect delivery in HI at the end of January.

As a young lad, I toured with my Grandmother who drove an Electra 225 with an Airstream trailer. I find it hard to believe my 05 Titan could not handle as large a load as the old Buick.

Any advice on the shell, max trailer size, etc, would be appreciated since I plan to live in this trailer for at least a year and travel Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Canada...Mahalo!
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Thanks for all the "pearls of wisdom". I love the idea of the soft shell, but security would be an issue while on the road. TitanLou and CoachBoone have the reply I think I would like to emulate, since the top os paid for and coming whether I like it olr not. I don't have the weight of the toppert yet, but will ask. The TT must change to be lighter and in the 7k range. Seems the lightest brand is the Jay Feather made out of fiberglass rather than aluminum? That's what a dealer told me, but not sure how much trust I can put in a dealer of trailers. Aren't they a bit like used car salesmen?

My question in that case, is how much am I sacrificing by going to a light trailer. High winds could affect the stability while camped and probably on the road. Also, would a lighter TT make it necessary to tie down? Aew there stability packages I can install to help?

I had what I was told was a class III hitch installed at the Titan dealer here in Hawaii (although it says 10000lbs max on the hitch near the receiver so I think it is class IV). It worked well for a homemade dirt bike trailer, but have tried nothing larger. Should I add stronger shocks, leafs, or even better hitch? Are there any packages I can have installed that would allow me to increase the load or even make the 7000lb load more stable? The trailer dealer showed me "swaybars" he could install for 250 dollars each.

Once again, Mahalo for the brilliant insight...
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For TitanBlue,

I see what you mean. I have a CrewCab XE which for some reason puts me in the 6500 TT category according to my manual. I had the factory installed hitch when I purchased, but I guess that doesn't qualify me for the OR or BT classification. This really puts a crimp in my style, living in a smaller trailer. I saw a 27ft Jayfeather EXP rated at 6000, tongue at 650, but of course it does not have the high end accesories I had hoped a walk around Queen sized bed.

Of course the salesmen didn't point out the towing issue when I purchased, but I'm glad you pointed it out to me before I shipped the truck.

I wonder if I can purchase an after market BT or OR package? If someone has a solution, I would appreciate the help.

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