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Camper top a Mistake?

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After viewing 5th wheels and TTs in Vegas, I decided the best traveling option for me was to install a camper shell and carpet kit in my bed, ship the truck from Hawaii, then buy a Travel Trailer in vegas...maybe a 28-30 footer with a weight near 8-9000lb when loaded. After reading some of this forum, I feel the shell may be a mistake since it may put me in a separate weight limitation. This never occurred to me prior to ordering the shell, which I have paid for and expect delivery in HI at the end of January.

As a young lad, I toured with my Grandmother who drove an Electra 225 with an Airstream trailer. I find it hard to believe my 05 Titan could not handle as large a load as the old Buick.

Any advice on the shell, max trailer size, etc, would be appreciated since I plan to live in this trailer for at least a year and travel Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, and Canada...Mahalo!
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This is so much myth about towing capibilities....

That 9500 lbs is with a 150 lb driver and 1/2 a tank of fuel...As you load stuff in the truck(passengers, dirt bikes, generators, dogs, wood, etc, etc ) your towing rate goes down.
The big one is tongue weight....most Titans have around 1500 lbs of load rating, subtract everything you put in the truck( see above examples) and what you have left is how much tongue weight you can handle.

1500 lbs load

average driver - add 50 lbs
Add full fuel 100 lbs
3 dirt bikes 700 lbs
Genny 150 lbs
Passenger 150 lbs
Wood 100 lbs
WD hitch 100 lbs

Total 1350 lbs

That leaves you about 150 lbs for tongue weight...

Lets go the other direction...

7000 lb trailer with only 700 lbs of tongue weight(light by the way)
Now you only have 850 lbs of load rating left over...

Are you getting the idea....
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