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I've got a pair of DR Coilovers from Greg about a year ago that have started making some horrible noises when i hit even a small bump in the road. My coil bucket isn't the culprit and all bolts are tightened.

I'm about to send them in as Jeremy over at ICON is going to take care of me as there may be a nitrogen leak causing the problem and leading to the metal 'clanking' sound.

So my question is this - could my stock sway bar end links have hurt the coilovers at all? The coilovers are giving me about 3 1/2 inches of lift right now and im running 295/70/17's. If the end links are 'compressing' the coilover prematurely (not sure if this is the case, just seems logical to me) would that contribute to the early demise of the DR's?

I've run the truck without a sway bar before back with stock struts, but they were worn out and i had major "float" so i put it back on. When I get mine back from ICON I guess I should just give it a try and see what it rides like.
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