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I live in New England and currently plow my business' parking lot with my Toyota T100 when it snows. I also have some small accounts and friends driveways that I plow. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Titan can be outfitted with a plow? I was told by one plow manufacturer (Pathfinder), that the new (2004) F150 was no good for plowing. I've also heard this about the Tundra. I understand it's something to do with the type of front suspension and I believe the Titan's is similar. I asked the Nissan salesman today if you could put a plow on the Titan and he said: "Sure you can", however, I got the feeling he wasn't sure so I called him on it and asked him if he was postitive and he back-peddled and said he would check with his service manager on Monday. Does anyone out there know for sure?

1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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