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Can you order your truck?

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I was told that you could order your truck kinda like you do with the domestics. Now my local dealer says he cannot. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.
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I'm looking to replace my '06 Silverado next summer. The Tundra is probably out because you can't get a DC Limited with an 8 foot bed (no leather). My local Nissan dealer assures me you can "order" whatever you like, BUT you have to buy the Nissan packages. That is, if you want Satellite Nav, you MUST get the sunroof (I think). Likewise, you can only get side curtain airbags with the DVD player in the CC. A lousy system, IMO, but at least you can get a long bed in LE trim. I don't like things shoved down my throat I don't need or want (would like the air bags but would never use the rear seat DVD).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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